The BTG - Badass Tactical Gear covers with a lifetime warranty on all products.

For a lifetime warranty means, coverage against all manufacturing defects and defects of raw materials which compromises its use.

Fall in the case of manufacturing defects, everything concerning the processing performed by BTG - Badass Tactical Gear, such as assembling and stitching.

Defects in raw materials, despite the BTG - Badass Tactical Gear perform a continuous control on raw materials used, in case were to occur the presence of a defective component, she will respond directly.

If you experience any of the above case, the BTG - Badass Tactical Gear, will be judged case by case how to proceed, in its sole discretion, will determine if a repair by returning the product to a full and efficient use of state or if this does not is possible, the product will be replaced with a new one.

The lifetime warranty on BTG products lapses at the moment:

- The damage was caused by improper use of the product;

- Damage as rips, holes or scuciture caused by accidents (considering the hostile environments in which they operate our products);

- Any damage caused by normal wear and use of the product in time, the BTG guarantee covers the preparation but not the wear.

In addition the BTG warranty lapses if any changes are made and repairs by third parties that are not directly and exclusively authorized in writing by BTG - Badass Tactical Gear.

Even on products on which lapsed warranty, BTG - Badass Tactical Gear is fully available for the customer to troubleshoot and repair any damage, assessment of costs and time will be made on a case by case basis.

To activate the lifetime guarantee is required at the time of reception of the goods, record all the products purchased by writing an e-mail to warranty@btg-tacticalgear.it.

The email must contain user data and the serial number on the label that distinguishes each product.