PST-BTG Project

The "PST-BTG Project" comes from the collaboration of a young company in the tactical gear sector, with one of the leading figures in the world of international security and professional training of military and law enforcement agencies.

The intention is to create a synergy to create high quality tactical equipment for the operators of the Armed Forces and Law Enforcement.

The PST (Paolo Simeone Tactical) is dedicated to training personnel of the armed forces and law enforcement agencies in many countries around the world, offering specific and updated training to the best standards.
Paolo Simeone is a former military man who has spent the last 20 years in theaters at the highest risk to protect US DoD (US Department of Defense) personalities and many other state and state parliaments in Europe and USA. Paolo Simeone worked in the Balkans, Somalia, Afghanistan, Angola and for 11 years in Iraq (US DoD). He now works full-time on creating tactical gear and training.